Sparklers Of All Generations


Is a group of six who love trends and to spark reactions relating to issues of society thus Katalisst. We consider matters as never that serious hence we add fun and pleasure to everything we do.


Cherish Etale

An easy going person,God fearing, loves to address societal issues, adventure in every aspect of my life is what inspires me and making an impact into people’s lives.Visit my category and get to travel with me in my thoughts and know me better on the link below.


Joy Auma

joyWriting poems is my joy of living; love poems to be specific. I delight in celebrating the joy of being loved; mourn the pain of being rejected and giving tips of overcoming challenges of being an item. Adding sparkle to your life is my obligation.

Cynthia Wanjiru

Trends are my thing especially on entertainment. Entertainment makes life worthwhile and interesting. When am bored i like watching movies, listening to music and finding out the latest what and where. My favorite quotes are: The fridge is a clear example of what maters is on the inside and Man is a goal seeking animal. His life has meaning when he is reaching and striving for his goals by Aristotle… Goals i tell you, hehehe! One day i will be a philosopher i tell you. Oh! And before i sign out I forgot to mention I love God.


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Elian Gudillah

I am a lover of food  and everything about it. The art of food fascinates me. I encourage healthy eating alongside discovering new food ideas and experiences. Just everything about food makes me go gaga!



Simon Waruingi

I am a simple guy who smile a lot not matter where life takes me, i take my off time to play basketball and listen to music. Just who i am.


Hello, I am Kevin Musau. I have always had an interest towards the gambling craze and I took it upon myself to learn and educate others on the same.
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