Awakening The Legends


Joy Auma

‘We Speak Your Names’ by Pearl Cleage’

(We are here to speak your names
because of the way you made for us.
Because of the prayers you prayed for us.
We are the ones you conjured up, hoping we
would have strength enough,
and discipline enough, and talent enough, and
nerve enough
to step into the light when it turned in our
direction, and just smile awhile
We speak your names)

In memory of all the poetry legends that ever lived, “The Night of Words” is a concert you sure wouldn’t want to miss. Lets meet there at the Conference Hall from the 25th of November to Sunday the 26th of November 2016.This is a concert of a lifetime. Awards will be given to the best candidates. If you are good at reciting a poem, singing or spoken word; this is an opportune time for you to showcase your God given gift. Let’s awaken all the Poetry legends.

It is going down this coming Saturday. Be sure not to miss out on this life thrilling event.

Author: katalisst

A group of 6 who are fun, love trends, knowledge is our thing and blogging is how we roll. When we say katalisst we mean we spark, tell you whats trending and give our opinions.

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