Break out Revival

Cherish Etale

Revival worship
Revival worship

What do you think of when you hear the words “Break out’? Many will think of a break out financially that gives them financial rest, others will think of a condition that has lingered for long like lack of a child for a couple, a healing or an area of bondage or struggle and finding a break out of it.

The question is what situation or issue do you need to break out from? It could be one of those breakouts mentioned above or unstated but one thing for sure God has definitely promised that in the month of November, He will bring you to a place of experiencing break outs that will change your life for good.

We are going to experience freedom, fruitfulness, fulfillment and fullness in this month of break out. And this coming 26th of November on a Saturday, the International Students Glory finders Fellowship volunteers will reach out to young people through a great revival of worship of selflessness and uncontrollable praise. Let all of us be part of this breakout and manifestation in the city.



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