Introducing The Breathtaking Dj…

Cynthia Wanjiru

Deejay X Groovy and I wanted us to learn 1, 2, 3 about deejaying. So deejay X Groovy, is deejaying hard?

Interviewee: According to me deejaying is not hard and it all depends with how you will take it as people are different. Some people find it difficult but as for me it’s not difficult however when I started it was a bit hard.

Me: How often do you deejay?

Interviewee: I deejay twice a week minimum.

Me: So meaning you get a lot of gigs?

Interviewee: Let me say that.

Me: Yeah because I have seen you. You are famous.

Interviewee: I will not say am famous because I am trying to get there. I try to have a gig at least once a weekday and over the weekend.

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Me: Do you have mix tapes?

Interviewee:Am not into mix tapes. For now, am doing live deejaying in clubs and gigs but when am home I use virtual deejay.

Me: What type of music do you like?

Interviewe: I like all genres of music but when I started, I began with reggae music. I was in a unit, Supremacy sounds.
Me: Ooh!! You were in supremacy sounds?

Interviewee: Yeah and in supremacy sounds they focus on reggae music. So even if you don’t like reggae music you come out loving it.

Me: Can you earn income from deejaying?
Interviewee: Yes, you can. You can pay bills from it.

Me: Okay. Thanks deejay X Groovy for letting me interview you. I am grateful.

Interviewee: Thanks too.

What makes Groovy different to other Dj’s is that he values feedback. You can catch him on Facebook at Selekta X-Groovy and Instagram at @x_groovy and connect with him.



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