Not Like Any Other

Simon Waruingi

Sport Arena Champions ground
Sport Arena Champions ground

Multimedia university of Kenya (MMU) is hold a basketball tournament to bring its students together to control drugs usage in campus. The game is meant to encourage student to participant in sports when they are not undertaking lectures.
Basketball is one of those sport that when one get to know how to play he/she will be able to escape peer pressure and make a better living out of it. Mmu has for the past few years had case of drug addictions from students and that why they bring this event to control and lower drugs in campus.
During the event there will be requirement of more 60 student into to the game as other will be taught on the ways to handle and take care of themselves during the course in their campus life. The students union of mmu will be there lead by the there presidents.
All student are asked humbly to coming and join in the event and get a chance of their life time to see one of the biggest tournament going down. All the teams will have a chance to pick a couple of student to play for them. Make an effort to bring best of you.

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