Touch! Of All Time

Simon Waruingi

Joseph is a basketball player who started playing basketball at an young age he has won several award in this field since primary school all the way to the university he acknowledge some of his father for being his role model and teacher, Joseph talk of how is love basketball and why he plays it instead of football or any other game.

Me. when did you start playing baskets ball?
Joseph.  I started playing basketball in high school but i also did a lot of practice back in primary school i got several awards i was awarded severally back in high school i counted with the game in campus.
Me. Why basketball and not football or any other game?
Joseph. basketball because is a game that is entertaining to me and i based it with hip hop and i do listen to hip-hop every time and also my father was a basketball player and he is my role model.
Me. What are the challenges you face?
Joseph.The game is very harsh it has a lot of tactic it not like football a lot of practice is needed


Author: katalisst

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