Kitchen Duties With Chef Dan

Elian Guddilah.


Elian Guddilah: Hello I am Elian Guddilah. Thanks Chef Dan for your time. I would like to know the challenges that you face in your area of expertise.

Chef Dan: Thank you so much Elian. There are several challenges that we face in this specific job. One of them is that this job demands a lot of creativity from us in order at least to stand out from the rest since this one is a very crowded profession. Sometimes you may also burn your food, it is also a great challenge that we have. Getting the wrong recipe has also been a challenge. This is because when you mess with the recipe, you mess with the whole process of making a particular food. Cooking too much food is always tiresome with us. We thank God most of the time we manage to satisfy most of our clients.

Elian: What can you tell a young chef to do so as to stand out?

Chef Dan: The same will apply with a young chef because it demands a lot of creativity for you not to burn your food and also not to get a recipe wrong. You must find your ways to let your creativity shine in this profession. You must always think outside the box to come up with unique recipes. Never stop learning. This has always been a key thing with us that you learn and know what you want. Always develop a good teamwork so that you may work with each other to produce the desired results.

Elian: Thank you so much for coming.

Chef Dan: Welcome and thanks for having me.

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more posts coming your way!

Author: katalisst

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