Blacks Appeal to fear

Simon Waruingi

The United States elections will be on 8/11/2016, the whole world is looking up to see who will be the next president of American being the most powerful country on earth. A lot of opinions have been observed all over social media platform, which shows a big diversity between the black people and the white.

Donald Trump being the republicans nominated president and Hillary Clinton being the democrat, opinions has it that Trump is more of a racist and this is evidence by what he has done in the past and some of the speeches he gives about blacks show how much he despises the black people.

Basketball has over the year being a black dominated sport especially in the US and there is fear of the NBA players and also fans being demotivated when Trump take over as president. Black people have aired their opinions and it is also evident that even most of the musician who are blacks are supporting Clinton.

Hip-hop and basketball go hand in hand almost all musician in the US are NBA players and great supports, if Trump become the president there is fear of the game not being more of what it was as it may not have the support it had before.

Americans are going to make a choice which may result to a better world or a world of fear to some of the people, not just in the US but all over the world.

Author: katalisst

A group of 6 who are fun, love trends, knowledge is our thing and blogging is how we roll. When we say katalisst we mean we spark, tell you whats trending and give our opinions.

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