Sweet Regret

Cherish Etale

sad woman
sad woman

As i ponder about what my friend is going through right now because of the supposedly good fun she had about three weeks ago, It lives me to wonder on what fun is when she is slowly wallowing in pain,distress and regrets.

It has been two weeks now after taking the emergency morning pill and one week experiencing light brown discharge that comes and goes. The thought of her being pregnant scares the hell out of her for she is not ready to become a mother nor even drop out of school.

Despite of all the talks of abstinence until marriage…use of protection or even other forms of contraceptives if one is sexually active have fell down to deaf ears.

Atleast if you love yourself this stresses can be avoided by not agreeing to indulge in the act without protection or better still abstain because baby girl if the man really loves and respect you, he will not want to put you in such a difficult situation. So next time when trying to break the rules of the game just remember that it is your life and future at stake. For even the emergency morning after pill  has it’s side effects and not 100% guaranteed to work.


Author: katalisst

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