From A Fan To Angel Abura In Heaven

Cynthia Wanjiru


Lydia Achieng Abura there’s no perfect way to eulogize you because you were a hero.

I wish we had the ability to say … Hold Up! Hold Up! Then you tell someone something before they leave but the sad part is that death doesn’t announce itself.

People always say tell people nice things before time runs out however it was a bit impossible (this is the part you wish your dreams to meet a celeb were valid) but anyway here it goes…

I will remember your beautiful smile, the way you lit up a room, your encouraging words to your students in TPF and my oh my your voice and diction was just breathtaking. Mama, you were a pure soul. I believe in heaven people have a way too see what happens here so hope and pray you see this and if not i hope my guardian angel will deliver this to you.

Legend you were Abura, Rest in Love, Rest in Joy and above all Rest in Peace. Its time to join the angels and sing forever with them now. I hope your given a big position there (Smiley).



Author: katalisst

A group of 6 who are fun, love trends, knowledge is our thing and blogging is how we roll. When we say katalisst we mean we spark, tell you whats trending and give our opinions.

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