Old fashioned men

Cherish Etale

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I truly miss the good old fashioned way men used to live. Life used to be so easy and simple especially when men used to be men and women used to be women without any complications nor competition. Nowadays men are so into competition with the women especially after we tagged ourselves with the title ‘What a man can do, a woman can do better’.

Those days when men used to go to the woman they were wooing and tell them straight to the face over maybe a cup of coffee unlike today where you just get a text or a phone call  telling a woman that you claim to like that you love them. Really and you have never met?! just seeing her pictures on the social media.

I feel like the good mature vibes have died and also the ways to make a woman feel special have lost touch. Back then men always used to take you out for three to four dates have some good time with you without touching or any other romantic gestures talk of sex, then drop you home early just like friends. those times when men inconsiderate of whether they were your friends or not would humbly open the door for you, pull for you a seat, help you carry your luggage when tired…I mean where did all this sweet humbling things go to?Men should just take time and reflect to the old men’s habits just maybe women will make lives better for them.




Author: katalisst

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