Lyrics To Capture

Simon Wariungi

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 Hip-hop culture has influenced a lot when it comes to NBA, NBA has had on lyrics of favorite hip-hop artists. Almost every hip-hop artists is a basketball player from the likes of Kurtis Blow to Jay                                                                                                                     Hip-hop has influenced how NBA players talk,dress and even move to the court as their favorite hip-hop songs play as soundtrack. Hip-hop and hoops have proven to be quite the slam dunk of a dynasty.
From the 90’s the biggest business ever seen has be NBA and hip-hop. Many people didn’t know about NBA but it taste came in when hip-hop began to change the game.
A lot of hip-hop visual used NBA pictorial on their video to show and bring in more fans.
  Every time there is an NBA league hip-hop songs are played in every single arena, it has become a major cultural force of basketball.
The relationship between them is becoming more warmer and there is future expectation that NBA will embrace hip-hop.

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