Bet Deaths

Kelvin Musau

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In these present days many people are losing their life because of betting.One is very annoyed one he/she is constantly and always losing his/her bets.  There is a lot of loss of money which is used to place stakes.It makes many people feel discouraged and desperate in life.Many of them cut their life short.

They leave their families very hurt and sad.Most of the deaths related to gambling are associated with food poisoning and hanging.They take and risk their own life just for a single stake. These deaths frequently affect the bread winners in many cases.Their families are filled with a lot of pain and anger.

Their dismissal also affects the community at large.We end up losing very important people in life who would have helped in the nations development.It is affecting all ages from young to old people  in the country.If you happen to attend one of their burials,the mood is always very somber because mourners are filled with grief. They tend to think that one dies of silly things that cant make one sacrifice his/her life.Something should be done.

Author: katalisst

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