Always on your mind

Joy Auma

Mama, was I too much for you to bear
Was I to dear for you to rear
How fast you forgot the good times we had together
Me, inside you
Peacefully turning and kicking and stretching
Patiently waiting for the time
A time when in the bliss of a second we would play together

Mama,i could see your thoughts and your fears
Fear of your harsh father, He would surely kick you out
Fear of your mother, she would
Certainly deny you
But not once, did you fear for me
For my life  that entirely depended on you

Mama, could you recall that fateful night
you and I
to separate destinations we went
you, to your renewed maidenhood
And I, to my fateful death

I kicked and rolled
All in bid to make you change your stance
But like a prisoner in a dungeon
I was chained behind your selfishness
In a painful protest I sought to break the chains
But it was too late

Two decades later you still crave for me
For a daughter, for a son
You so ruthlessly and willing fully shacked out of your womb
Did you ever know that I will live forever in your life
And always on your mind?


Author: katalisst

A group of 6 who are fun, love trends, knowledge is our thing and blogging is how we roll. When we say katalisst we mean we spark, tell you whats trending and give our opinions.

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