Coconut Milk Fish Stew

Elian Guddilah.


A simple recipe for you to grab.


1 large cup Coconut milk (Or as desired)

4 fried medium size Fish

1 large onion chopped

3 large tomatoes diced

1 bell capsicum sliced

1 bunch coriander finely chopped

1 teaspoon cooking oil

2 pinch salt (Or as desired)



  1. Heat oil in a pan|/sufuria
  2. Add onion, fry till golden brown
  3. Add capsicum, stir and leave to cook
  4. Add tomatoes, stir well and leave to simmer
  5. Add the coconut milk and stir till it thickens evenly
  6. Put in the fish and leave to simmer. Avoid stirring so as not to break the fish.
  7. Do not cover.
  8. Simmer till the stew is all cooked.
  9. Garnish with coriander and serve.




Limitless Taste

Simon Waruingi


NBA has been around for almost 70years but if you didn’t know about NBA yo may think it has been around for over 700years for it rich history which can bring the limitless of internet to reach its end.
It is a sport played by two teams each which have five players on a rectangular court.They are techniques of ball handing e.g shooting, dribbling and rebounding.
A player has to score by hoop which is mounted on backboard. In the game there is a field goal score and three (3)pointer arc which is 3points.
It ends up with the team with highest score winning. Basketball is a unique sport unlike other sport it doesn’t do ‘coin toss’ or rotate scoring ends up on a quarters but rather rotates once at half time.
Player slam dunk, chase and block the ball, dribble the ball towards the basket and score points it sound easy to play and yes it is as long as one is driven by the passion and the whole fun in the game.
Just to note that NBA player are the most highly paid player in the world compared to other sports.



It’s my luck

Kelvin Musau

I am joined with Pamela, a student at the Multimedia university, who is a betting fan. she speaks to us about her journey and herself.

Kelvin:Tell us about betting:
Pamela:I don’t know a definition but I know I bet a lot.

Kelvin:How many times a day or week.
Pamela:I bet everyday, i could say i am addicted but not really cause i bet from a whole range of sports and i believe i can survive without it. i place bets on anything and i win.

Kelvin:How much do you spend on placing stakes?
Pamela:I place around a thousand shillings, its not that i have a lot of money, as you think. its just that the higher the amount you put in, the higher the results you get.Plus i win a lot and so my returns are high.

Kelvin: What if you lose?
Pamela:I cannot win everyday, i will just consider it a bad day.

Kelvin:Do you spend all your money here
Pamela:No, i set aside money for this venture, i just do not use any money given to me or earned. the journey has been awesome and i don’t see myself stopping soon.

Deal with it!

Kelvin Musau


Gambling is not to be taken lightly, one should be able to identify themselves as an addict as early as possible, like any addiction, coming out of it is not easy. its about accepting the situation and looking at it from a perspective that will allow you to grow out of it.
If you feel you need any help, there is room to be sure you need it and if you feel you need to learn more about this craze, be sure to attend the conference that will be held at the laico regency hotel right before the festive season this December. It is meant to help you deal with this addiction and if you are not yet on that level, how you will be able to stop it.
I believe we will all come out as survivors. And gambling will be at the bottom of our lists. leaving us been comfortable and happy with our own hard earned money. see you at the event. Entry is absolutely free.

My addiction

It starts with the love of sports, not missing a match and there you are with all these people gambling it all away. it may start with 200 shillings and now you really can’t stop and your car is on the line, then your house.
We have heard all these stories of how people have lost there families through this vice. How rich people are announced bankrupt after gambling there assets away. We could term It as an addiction but then maybe its the rush. Adrenaline rush that we can become addicts for. It is a lot!
At the end of the day however we ask ourselves, is it really worth it? After listening to all these stories of different people fall victim, do  you still have to?
Listen and watch the video and learn how to overcome it cause you can.
ask yourself,do i really need to fall victim?
Haven’t such people taught us through there experiences?
Lastly, Is gambling worth losing it all?

Awakening The Legends


Joy Auma

‘We Speak Your Names’ by Pearl Cleage’

(We are here to speak your names
because of the way you made for us.
Because of the prayers you prayed for us.
We are the ones you conjured up, hoping we
would have strength enough,
and discipline enough, and talent enough, and
nerve enough
to step into the light when it turned in our
direction, and just smile awhile
We speak your names)

In memory of all the poetry legends that ever lived, “The Night of Words” is a concert you sure wouldn’t want to miss. Lets meet there at the Conference Hall from the 25th of November to Sunday the 26th of November 2016.This is a concert of a lifetime. Awards will be given to the best candidates. If you are good at reciting a poem, singing or spoken word; this is an opportune time for you to showcase your God given gift. Let’s awaken all the Poetry legends.

It is going down this coming Saturday. Be sure not to miss out on this life thrilling event.

Word Magic Touch

Joy Auma

He starts of with a smile..of course a warm  one;that which easily softens my heart  as I engage this energetic young scholar in a chitchat.He is filled with energy   as he explains his love for poetry.You would love his way of talking;am sure you will.Swahili is his language.You sure wouldn’t want to miss out on learning a few misamiati(vocabulary) from this  coastal region lad.Let’s all learn together as Paddy Ronga unmasks the beauty of playing with words.

Joy:Naitwa Joy Auma.Leo namhoji malenga mashuhuru kutoka Mombasa.Atajitambua zaidi(Am Joy Auma,I will be interviewing one of the great poets from Mombasa.He will talk more about himself)

Paddy:Naitwa Paddy Ronga,Malenga na pia mwanafunzi kutoka chuo kikuu cha Multimedia(My name is Paddy Tonga,a poet and also a student at Multimedia University)

Joy:Unajihusisha na nini katika ushairi?(What’s your area of interest in Poetry)

Paddy:Mimi huzingatia jambo la shairi huru haswa mada ya mapenzi na ndoa.(I major in free style poems which talk about marriages and love)

Joy:Kwa nini mapenzi?(Why necessarily love?)

Paddy:Kwa sababu kila uchao haswa vijana hufuruhishwa na kukwazwa na jambo hili la mapenzi.(Because most people especially the youth are largely affected or thrilled by love.

Joy:Asante(Thank you)